theorčin biografia di
Antoni Miró-Spagna

Antoni Miró was born in Alcoi, Spain, in 1944.

He presently lives and works in Mas Sopalmo.

Miró is known both in Spain and abroad for his art that portrays Social Realism.

He used the style of Figurative Expressionism as an accusation against the horrors of human suffering.

In the late sixties his interest in social issues led him to use Neo-figuratism that was charged with a critical and recriminatory message.

In the seventies his work became identified with the artistic movement known as Crónica de la Realitat (Chronicle of Reality), part of the international trends of Pop Art and Realism, which took as its starting point the propaganda images of our industrial society and the language used by the mass media.

Miró’s artworks are a part of the collections of several museums and private collections in Spain and around the world.

His works are exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in Barcelona, Bilbao and Madrid, Spain.

They also appeared in collections all over the world such as Buenos Aires ( Argentina), Berlin (Germany), Geneva (Switzerland), Vancouver (Canada), Minneapolis (United States) to mention a few.

In Italy his works are part of a collection at the University of Urbino and of the International Museum of Images in Ancona.