theorèin biografia di
Hugo Pontes BRASILE

Born in 1945 - is from Três Corações -MG, Brazil.

He has started his literary activities with the Group VIX, in Oliveira city -MG in 1963.

Since 1972 he does Visual Poetry works, publishes them and takes part in expositions in Brazil and abroad.

His work, in Brazil, is rocognized for its social enphasis within his poems.

He lives in Poços de Caldas-MG. He is poet, teacher and journalist.


1997 - Defesa de Tese: Poemas sem Fronteiras, Plurart's. Belo Horizonte-MG
2007 - Poemas Visuais e Poesias. Ed. Annablume/Dix, São Paulo-SP, Brasil